June 1, 2013

365 Project: May

May was a really important month for me this year. Three super exciting things happened to me in this order: 1) I turned twenty four 2) I got engaged to my best friend! 3) I finally graduated from college! Sadly, I did not take very good pictures to represent these exciting things, especially #2 and #3, but you may have noticed the picture I posted of my ring and a graduation picture my friend took of me if you follow my Instagram. I did manage to capture the little things in life and these were some of my favorites. You can see the rest of my 365 project here. By the way, I just realized that I made it to the halfway mark for 2013 without missing a day. I am super proud of myself for actually keeping up with this project! 

These Urbanears were a steal for only $15 from Urban Outfitters!
 Yummy almond croissants from Trader Joe's
 The Houston Zoo now has life size Lego animals on exhibit. Rawr!
One of my favorite statues/sculptures downtown
 Took a quick picture on the way to the Sam Houston National Forrest
 One of the outfits I wore 
 The outside walls of a public restroom in Galveston
My first morning view as a newly engaged woman! :) :) :)
Taken on one of our walks. These sculptures look really cool at night when they're all lit up.
 The outside of Exxopolis. I blogged more about that here.


  1. Lovely photos and now I'm craving everything in the colour orange!

  2. wow, those urbanears are such a steal! sounds like you had the best month ever! :)
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca