June 11, 2013

In a Garden

I find rompers to be super comfortable and cute, yet highly impractical. This is the first romper I ever purchased and it has been a summer favorite in my closet for the past three years. I love the sweetheart neckline, floral print, accentuated waist line, and loose fitting bottom, but the side zipper closure and the fact that it's a one-piece makes it a little uncomfortable to get in and out of when I need to use the restroom. The first time I wore this romper was to a bar/venue to see a band. Those kind of places are not really known for their exceptionally clean restrooms so you can imagine my dismay when I realized, as a first time romper wearer, that I had to get BUTT NAKED to do my bizznas. For this reason, I only own three rompers. This is a low number considering the number of times I was out shopping and thought to myself, "OMG this romper is so cute! I need it!" Then I remember the time I had to get completely naked in a dirty public restroom and end up sadly putting the romper back on the rack. Does anyone else share this same thought about the difficulties of wearing rompers?

Romper: Buffalo Exchange
Sandals: Forever 21

1 comment:

  1. Oh my, this is the cutest romper I've seen! The neckline is my favorite :) I think you're brave for wearing it! I've never actually worn one, but I usually wear one-piece bathing suits and run into the same problem. It always feels so wrong! haha

    Oh, and to answer your question~ I use a Canon Rebel XS with a 50mm lens