May 30, 2013

Work space

Our apartment has a second room that we almost never spend any time in. It consists of Victor's music stuff, instruments, amps, computer setup, and other random things while my half of the the room houses my bookshelf/desk combo. Oh and we also keep two dirty laundry hampers in there just cause. I always end up taking my laptop to the living room (my favorite room) because I don't like sitting at my desk. The second room gets good lighting and I have a cute comfortable chair to sit in but the room itself is just blah. It feels cluttery and generally uninviting and uninspiring. I've been thinking up ways I can spruce up the room a little to make it a place I actually want to spend time in. I have been having major room envy for these awesome work spaces and they have given me some good ideas I can work with in my own home without spending too much money. 
(image source: welc-home)
(image source: sfgirlbybay)
(image source: interiorsporn)
(image source: lamaisondannag)

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  1. I recently spruced up our spare bedroom into an office, and it's my new favorite spot in the house! Good luck organizing and decorating!