July 15, 2013


As a native Texan, I'd just like to say that IT'S HOT AS HAIL YALL! It's gotten to the point where all I want to do is hide inside with the comfort of the air conditioner. The only time you can actually enjoy being outside is in the evening when it begins to cool down and that is exactly what we did on Saturday. We got to the beach just in time to enjoy the sunset and left once it got too dark to see anything. 

So let's talk about my swimsuit. It's my favorite! I like it so much that I have it in two different colors, black and red. You can't see the whole thing on me because I'm shy, but the top is the best part anyway. It even looks cute worn as a top. Just throw on a skirt or shorts and you have yourself an outfit perfect for summer! I bought it online from Walmart, can you believe it?! They sell the exact same retro style swimsuit on other websites, like ModCloth.com, for wayyyyy more, but the one from Walmart is just as cute, is good quality, and only a fraction of the price. FYI, it comes in several different colors AND it's on sale right now. Just click the link below. 

Swimsuit: Walmart
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Sandals: Buffalo Exchange


  1. WALMART??? Ooohohhhhhh. Stepping up their game, I see! I want one!

    It is seriously SO HOT here in New Mexico too. The evening is really the only time I like to go out. Although yesterday was surprisingly cool and overcast!

  2. ok cutest swimsuit ever! i was dying it was from walmart! what a great find! you rock it! and super cute pictures!


  3. You look really pretty and I love your shoes!

  4. ah, this time looks so wonderful! i love your swimsuit!

    lindsey louise