July 9, 2014


Hello out there! If you are reading this, high five and two thumbs up to you! My last post was almost a whole year ago so it would've been safe to assume that I quit blogging. I would apologize for my year long blogging hiatus, but it was totally on purpose. I stopped blogging because I lacked inspiration , my interests were changing, and just plain laziness. 

When I first started this blog, I mostly liked sharing outfits and occasional snapshots into my personal life. Anything else just felt like it wasn't blog worthy. There's so many great blogs out there to follow. There's DIY, personal style, lifestyle, food, beauty, fitness, and so much more. While I love reading and following these kinds of blogs, I didn't feel like I fit into any of these categories. Well now I'm back and I've decided I just want this blog to be a place where I can post anything and everything I feel like sharing without feeling the need to fit into any one category. I want to be able to document my life, share whatever interests me at the moment and maybe share an outfit post here and there. Cool? Cool.

In the past year, 3 major things have happened to me and Victor in this order:
- We moved into a house (only renting but still!)
- We adopted a dog named Maggie
- We got married!

I'll be posting about these three things in separate posts so stay tuned. Thanks for sticking around! 


  1. So excited to hear about the house, dog, and marriage! Congrats!!

  2. hello, hello! it's lovely to have you back. congrats on all your recent accomplishments! :)

  3. i found your blog while you were away, so i'm excited to see what you have in store! congrats on everything :)