March 2, 2013

365 Project: February

Somehow I've managed to keep up with my 365 Project and I am so proud of myself! This is the first time I've managed to stick to a New Years goal passed the first week of January.  Taking a picture everyday has definitely been more challenging than I thought, but I plan on sticking with it because I just love looking back at all the pictures at the end of each month no matter how insignificant the picture might seem in the moment. These were some of my favorites from February, but you can check out the rest of my 365 Project here and see some of my favorites from January here.

Peek at my small record collection
Victor got this really neat book from his mom
The red panda is one of my favorite animals to visit at the zoo. I wish I could have one as a pet!
Entrance to my apartment's courtyard
Ran out of kitchen storage so we found another solution!
I love girl scout cookies and girl scouts are just the cutest so I couldn't resist! These new mango creme cookies taste like a pina colada with mango creme filling between two coconut vanilla cookies. 
My new box of 64 Crayola crayons
Week night yogurt shopping
Victor surprised me with a weekend trip to Austin and we happened to stumble upon a children's science museum we've never seen before. It had all kinds of awesome bones with labels. I forgot the name of the museum!
Taking outfit pictures with Megan. I'm so glad I found a friend in real life that likes blogging too!
Victor and I had fun watching his 9 year old niece for the day. She is a burst of energy!
Another cool part of my favorite park in Houston.
I am so stoked about this show! This is one of our favorite bands and I immediately bought us two tickets as soon as I saw they were coming to town. The timing worked out perfectly too because this was part of my Valentine's Day present to Victor. And yes, I bought tickets a whole 3 months ahead of time!

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