January 31, 2013

365 Project: January

One of my New Years resolutions this year was to take more pictures of everyday things and start a 365 Project. So far so good! Here are a few pictures I've taken in January 2013. 

Playing with my fisheye lens
Statue at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts 
 Cool tunnel at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts 
 First book read in 2013
 Gotta beard on mah knees
Gift I came home to. Victor found this perfectly functioning printer sitting in the trashcan at his office. He didn't actually steal it!
 Always looking dapper 
 Homemade coconut macaroons with chocolate drizzled on top. They were delish!
 Giving our bikes a quick shower
 Some of my favorite polishes
 I love succulents
 Cranberry orange corn muffins
 Shot this moving train while sitting in a moving car. Surprised it's not blurry!
We love soda, especially root beer, so we were happy to find an awesome soda shop nearby!
Taken at 7:30am on a very foggy morning
 Oolong tea is our favorite
 Victor has been really into making artisan bread at home. This was his best loaf yet!

Did you start a 365 project this year? I'd love to see it!


  1. All of these pictures are lovely! I chuckled at the beard on your knees. :)

  2. What a fun project! Love the photo from the soda shop!
    I think I'm too forgetful to do a 365 project though haha

  3. I read Geek Love last year. I picked it up randomly and it ended up not being what I expected by the title. I still really liked it though.

    I'm doing a 365 craft project on my blog. Something crafty every day and have titled it WTCraft!

  4. That bread is gorgeous! Any chance of a recipe/tips?