May 1, 2013

365 Project: April

Some of my favorite pictures that I took in April. You can see more here.

Victor's birthday was in April and I got him this book
Pretty umbrellas at the annual Japanese Festival
Walking to the park

 Saw these guys play a show and it was awesome!
 My favorite corner of the living room
 Oversized shorts but they were only $5
 Victor's favorite pair of boots 
 Pretty spring flowers given to me
 Caught an airplane flying over us
 It looks like food but they are actually coasters! Got them from Target
I always make it a point to visit the red panda at the zoo. They are so cute!

April was a stressful month for me. I was constantly exhausted and busy with school, and had little time for much else, but I am happy so say that I just finished my last day ever of college yesterday and I graduate in 10 days! After almost two whole decades of going to school, it feels so weird knowing I don't have any assignments due and that I will never go to class ever again! I'll have to get used to having all this free time before I get a full time job. I plan on starting a jogging routine again to stay active, practicing and learning more about photography, blogging more, reading more books for fun, finally watching Game of Thrones (everyone keeps talking about how good it is!) spending time with friends that I've been neglecting, and just enjoying life as much as I can. 

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  1. wooohoo!! Happy graduation! When do you get to start teaching? :D

    P.S. red pandas are sooo effing cute