April 1, 2013

365 Project: March

Here are some of my favorite pictures I took in March. You can see the rest of my project here.

Gotta have Sriracha with my vermicelli bowl
One of my favorite pairs of tights
Inside Les Givral's Kahve, one of my favorite places to get vietnamese food
Went to MFAH to see the new Picasso exhibit. I like how a black car and a white car coincidentally appeared in the picture!
Pretty spring flowers blooming
He looks bored/sad/unamused but it turned out to be one of my favorite pictures of my favorite person :)
We celebrated Sophie's (Victor's niece) 10th birthday last weekend with some cupcakes
A little glimpse inside Pondicheri, one of my favorite places to eat for brunch 
Gandhi, Victor's sister's dog. He is such a sweetheart
You can rent these cute bicycles by the hour if you are in the downtown area
We stumbled upon these trees on our bike ride. Someone painted them all bright blue and it looks awesome!


  1. Those blue trees are CRAZY! They look kind of tall. How did they get all the way up there? I suspect a whole team with ladders.

    I enjoyed looking at these photos! It's always fun to see bits of bloggers' lives

  2. Absolutely adore this entire post! These images are stunning!
    xo TJ