July 22, 2012

Cactus collection

Say hello to the newest editions to my cactus and succulent collection! I am just so psyched over them that I had to share! We went to Ikea yesterday just to browse and I ended up leaving with some beautiful cacti, succulents, and new pots. All the pots and plants in these pictures are from Ikea with the exception of the mushroom pot. The mushroom pot is actually a flour canister that belongs with these. I thrifted them from a store in Austin but one of them was missing a lid so I decided to use it as a planter instead!
My absolute favorites are the two in the front row in white pots and the one in the mushroom pot. I like how it looks like it has a pink afro! Do you have a plant collection or garden that you like to admire?
I just love my new yellow, blue, and purple pots. They kinda look ceramic in these pictures but they are actually shiny plastic and they only cost $1 each!

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