May 11, 2012

Blue chevron

Hello all, the weather has been getting really hot around here but I am liking it because it means more sundress wearing, bare legs, and sandals. It stormed in the middle of the night last night and now it is a gorgeous day out right now! I love when it pours down at night because it always makes me sleep like a wee wittle baby.

 I am starting to realize that it's hard to think about what to write on this here blog so I am basically going to write about any ole' thing that pops in my mind. I still haven't found my niche yet considering that I am not a baker, chef, mommy, writer, makeup artist, hair stylist, nor am I good at doing DIYs. I like doing most of these things sometimes but I don't think it would be very "blog worthy". I guess I will learn over time what I would like to focus more on. 
My favorite edition to our apartment are these new black and white chevron printed pillows that you can see in these pictures, especially against our blue couch! I think the black and white print just makes everything POP. Ya know what I mean? I got these pillow cases from Etsy and just bought some cheap throw pillows from Goodwill as inserts. I love how you can remove the pillow cases and easily wash them if needed. Then I won't feel so bad for getting them dirty since I practically never use our kitchen table! 

I just noticed that in every one of my posts so far, I am wearing some shade of pink, coral, or red. I swear I own clothing in other colors! I guess these colors just remind me of summer which is why I've been wearing them so often lately!
Are there certain colors you tend to wear more of during summer?
Outfit details:
Top: Thrifted/vintage
Skirt: American Apparel
Belt: Thrifted
Ring: Forever21
Shoes: Urban Outfitters (last summer)

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  1. Hi Maricarr, just want to say I think your blog is fab! I know what you mean about finding a niche. I've just started a blog too and I have the same predicament. But I think it's great that all of your posts have a definite style, it looks like it all comes very natural to you. I look forward to seeing more :)