June 21, 2013

California Bound

Lavender seems to be my favorite color this season. I just got this cute polka dot lavender top (on sale!), I recently bought some lavender sneakers, and my nails are painted a pretty shade of lavender, but let's forget about what I'm wearing right now because I have some exciting news! I will be California bound with my favorite person ever (Victor duh) from this Sunday to next Sunday! An entire lovely week away from home in one of the best places in the country. Victor has never been anywhere in California before, but I've been to San Francisco once when I was eight. I was too young back then to really take it all in so I'm super psyched to go as an adult. We are flying in bright and early on Sunday to Long Beach. My brother lives just outside of Los Angeles so we're staying with him while we explore the whole Los Angeles/Orange County area. After a couple days we're going to take a coastal road trip up to San Francisco and leave from there the following Sunday. We are staying at the most AMAZING place in SF that we found on airbnb.com. If you've never used airbnb before, I HIGHLY recommend using them to find a place to stay while traveling. Anyways, if you live or have ever been anywhere in and between LA and SF, I would love to hear any recommendations you have for places to eat, things to see, places to visit, stores to shop at, etc.

I can hardly contain my excitement!!! Happy Friday!

Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Levi's from Urban Outfitters
Shoes: H&M
Bag: Thrifted/vintage


  1. Awesome! That sounds like so much fun! I hope you two have an awesome vacation :) Can't wait to see photos of your adventures

  2. Tagged you in my latest blog post! Take a look :)

  3. darling outfit! love the polka dots and peter pan collar!