July 12, 2012

Collages by Ashlie Chavez

It has been gloomy and rainy nonstop for almost a week now and I am actually enjoying it. If it weren't for the rain, it would be close to 100 degrees but it has been in the cool 70's. It's been nice to just stay in, snuggle up on the couch catching up with tv shows, surfing the internet, trying  out new recipes, reading blogs, and falling asleep to the soothing sound of rain and thunder. It's also been fun stepping jumping in puddles with my rain boots that I never get to wear!

Since it's been so gloomy and I've been too lazy to wear anything but running shorts and tank tops, I thought I would share these amazing collages that I've been admiring by Ashlie Chavez. I stumbled upon Ashlie's photography work on Tumblr but have since become a fan of her collage work. I love how she mixes black and white pictures with colored pictures and how she incorporates pictures of nature, houses, animals, and people. She makes it look so effortless. Her collages have a vintage feel to them and I think she even gathers some of her cut outs from vintage magazines. These are some of my favorites. If you want to see more of Ashlie's work click here.

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